Thursday, July 7, 2016

KAYLA! {portraits}

I had dreamed up this idea for a long time now and told Kayla about it. She was totally willing to model for me. We had so much fun. We also found many treasures in the creek including an ornament named Harold and a dust buster. 

MudLOVE is pretty awesome. I love the custom one in honor of Kayla's grandma.

Unintentional silhouettes. I love the way they turned out though. 

My personal favorite! 

A little overexposed but her expressions are awesome. 

I couldn't decide between the black and white and the color. 

I think she was secretly pretending to be a mermaid. 

We took multiple pit stops so I could rescue my flip flops that got stuck and Kayla could empty her boots of water

I love that she was so willing to lay in the water for me! 

Kuddos to Kayla for letting me try my crazy ideas on her!! 


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thank You {sunsets}

Tonight's sunset on Winona Lake was stunning! :) 

How do I say thank You, Lord
For the way that You love
And the way that You come

 For all that You've done
All that You'll do
My hearts pours out
Thank You

 You don't have to come
But You always do
You show up in splendor
And change the whole room

How do I say thank You, Lord
For the life that You gave
The cross that You bore

For the love You poured out
To ransom my soul
My hearts pours out

This thankful song

You walk through all my walls
Conquered my shame
Stepped into my past
Fill my world with grace
You didn't have to come
But You wanted to

I say Thank You

Lyrics: Thank you Bethel Music